2015 retrospective album People Can Tell is a good place to start the story. After all, it's a spectrum of alternative sounds from the artist known as Moan Red. The album includes “Riot Song” and “Town-E" by UK band Sheriff (featuring Moan on guitar and vocals); and “In The Fog” and “Eve”, which were produced in a collaboration with Mississippi's Fat Possum Records.

When the planet of Los Angeles came a-calling, things got cosmic. Again on guitar and vocals, Moan released two EPs with LA band Space Hurricane: Intro. (2015) and Riff City (2017). 

If you love storytelling, what can you do. Moan has written, directed and scored two short films: Psycho Norman’s 1st Cousin Once Removed (2019), a stroll through the world of one of Norman Bates' kin; and Captain Hughes Vs Stronghold of the Dead (2020), which follows an impassioned galactic voyager. Naturally, the role of Captain Hughes went to the man with the guitar.