It isn't uncommon for the singer, songwriter, guitarist and filmmaker known as Moan Red to say "rock n roll dreams" when describing what makes him tick. Naturally, he’s referring to the relief of Jimi Hendrix's guitar…the vibe of 1970s British horror films…the warm satisfaction of the blues.

Moan Red has fronted two bands: the UK's alternative, reggae-influenced Sheriff, who opened shows for Sex Pistol Glen Matlock at the original Mean Fiddler venue in North West London; and LA's Space Hurricane, who released EP's Intro. (2015) and Riff City (2017), and whose performance at the Sunset Strip House of Blues (a few days before its permanent closure) was described by Mariel Calloway at as "a dark and driving sound, a blend of southern blues and classic rock reminiscent of Led Zeppelin and The Who”.

Moan Red’s 2015 retrospective People Can Tell album includes Sheriff's only two studio recordings “Riot Song” and “Town-E”; and two songs from a recording session in collaboration with Mississippi’s Fat Possum Records, “In The Fog” and “Eve”. 

Filmmaking is a great hall in the Moan Red house. In 2019, he wrote, directed and scored the short film Psycho Norman’s 1st Cousin Once Removed, a dark comedy exploration based on the central figure in Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho. His next short, an eery space epic which he also stars in, is coming soon!


"Artful rocker"... “Robert Johnson on acid”…“as if Jimmy Page played at CBGBs in the 70s” - Moan Red’s followers have relayed the story in many ways. You don't do this much rock 'n' roll dreaming without reaction.  

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