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Witches (Single, 2018)


"When they told me my mind could not be free, I knew they were witches..."

People Can Tell (Album, 2015)

Includes 'In The Fog' and 'Eve', produced in collaboration with Mississippi's Fat Possum Records, and 'Riot Song' and 'Town-E by UK alternative band Sheriff, which featured Moan Red on guitar and vocals.


Captain Hughes vs Stronghold of the Dead (Short Film, 2020)


Bizarre events unfold when an impassioned space captain finds himself marooned on a seemingly uninhabited planet.


Written, directed and scored by Moan Red

Psycho Norman's 1st Cousin Once Removed (Short Film, 2019)


Norman Bates' 1st cousin once removed (John Reneaud) invites the camera out to his desert homeland to discuss his notorious distant relative.


Written, directed and scored by Moan Red


Oh Edith, won't you ever change.

If you're going to be a bear, you may as well be a grizzly.

She's out there, man.

You may not have seen him, but I bet he's seen you.

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